Bishop's Palace WaterfordThe third in the trinity of museums that make up Waterford Treasures Museums is the Bishop’s Palace. The palace was built in 1743 by the renowned Anglo-Indian architect Richard Castle. It is located among a collection of remarkable 18th century buildings in the heart of the Viking Triangle and is immediately opposite the House of Waterford Crystal. This museum of 18th, 19th and 20th century Waterford is a must see.

With enchanting stories and remarkable insights, the re-enactor guides take you through the grand reception rooms that are furnished with the best of Irish 18th century furniture, paintings, silverware and glassware including the oldest piece of historic Waterford glass dating from the 1780’s. Also included is a lock of Napoleon’s hair and the only surviving mourning cross commissioned by the emperor’s mother to mark his death.

The highlight of the Bishop’s Palace exhibition is the view of Waterford by William van der Hagen 1736 Ireland’s oldest landscape painting. Open all year around seven days per week. V Guides available in English, French and German.

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