The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Waterford is situated on Barronstrand Street in Waterford City.

Designed by John Roberts and built in 1793, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, is almost 220 years old and is Ireland’s oldest Catholic Cathedral. In 2000, the square near Barronstrand Street, formerly known as Red Square was re-named as John Roberts Square in light of the influence he had over the architecture of the two Cathedrals in Waterford.

Over the years, the Cathedral has seen many changes; 30 administrators, 21 Bishops of the Diocese and many structural changes. In the early part of this century railings used to stand, separating the church from the street; these were later removed. In more recent years, the Cathedral was refurbished in 1977 following the Second Vatican Council. A new altar was installed so that Mass could be celebrated facing the people. A gift of 10 crystal chandeliers from Waterford Crystal enhanced the decor of the Cathedral.

In the early 1990s, a complete reflooring of the building and a restructuring of the sacristy took place to complete what is a truly wonderful Cathedral. Further work was completed in November 2006 with a re-fit of structure, the interior and exterior.

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