John Condon plaque on Waterford's Blue Plaque Trail

Waterford Civic Trust

Waterford Civic Trust was set up in 1990 to pursue a range of objectives centred on the renewal of historical buildings and the enhancement of the architectural heritage of Waterford. The Waterford Civic Trust promotes civic pride as a means to improving the quality of life for all and encourages community action, good design, sustainable development and respect for the built environment amongst people of all ages.

Blue Plaques
A Blue Plaque is a permanent sign installed on a building in a public place to commemorate a link between notable figures of the past and the buildings in which they lived or had some connection to. It is a unique way to highlight these special achievements and celebrate those who have helped to shape our heritage and history.

The blue plaques are markers which we hope will inspire all those who pass by.  Few can resist glancing at a blue plaque to see what it says. Was someone famous born here? Is there something unusual about this ordinary-looking building? Or did it play an important part in the history of the place?

Plaques are there to surprise and to inform, and to help tell a story that can be as revealing to life-long residents as to those visiting for the first time. There are currently 42 Blue Plaques located in Waterford City dedicated to the many people and events which have helped shaped our beautiful city, an additional 3 plaques are planned for installation in 2014.

The Blue Plaque Trail map, which contains information on 23 Blue Plaques, is a short introduction to the historic Viking Triangle sector in Waterford.  This map is available in the tourist information office and many of the local hotels and to download in the downloads section on this site.

Blue Plaques are dedicated to people from many different walks of life, from statesmen to sportsmen, architect’s to composers. More Blue Plaques have been dedicated to the importance that shipping has to the city and 7 Blue Plaques are dedicated to different shipyards and shipping companies. Waterford is also blessed to have had both of the cities Cathedrals designed by the same architect, John Roberts and another is dedicated to him.

Click here to download the Blue Plaque Trail map

For more information about the Blue Plaque Project, see this website.