Brian BorúSHIP TO SHORE! The ‘Brian Boru’ to set sail this summer!

The moment you step on board this vessel you can feel the solid reassurance of many tons of prime timber beneath your feet. Now, with tall masts, booms, gaffs, bowsprit of solid Douglas Fir, and steel wire rigging installed, the transformation of traditional fishing vessel to a passenger carrying ship was completed at the start of 2015. The Brian Boru will be birthed for the duration of the summer at the Waterford City Marina in the heart of The Viking Triangle.

Brian Ború pre restorationhe initial inspiration to renovate, restore, and convert this vessel to traditional sail, came to master craftsman Tony McLoughlin who was struck by the sheer beauty of this classic wooden Rignetter birthed in the fishing harbour of Dunmore East, Co. Waterford. Convinced about the sustainability of finding a new life for these beautiful wooden vessels, he immediately envisaged this solid, yet elegant and perfectly sized sailing ship working the estuarine river system of Waterford, Kilkenny, Wexford, and along the coast. And so, the process of transformation began.

The Journey

Sail training on the Brian BoruSail in the wake of the Vikings, the Normans, the Monastic settlers, Cromwell’s Fleet and of course, the Wild Native Irish in the ship named after the legendary High King of Munster and Ireland, Brian Ború. We have a traditional gaff rigged wooden sailing ketch (ship) specifically adapted for carrying passengers on voyages of discovery of heritage and wildlife. We sail on the Waterford River estuary, where the three sister rivers (Nore, Suir, & Barrow) meet the sea, and along the coast of Ireland’s Ancient East. Enjoy the freshness of the open air environment on the ship whilst observing and learning  about the heritage, culture, wildlife and conservation of the marine environment of the Waterford estuary whose river basins touch many counties in Ireland.


This project aims to offer cruises of varying types on the Waterford Estuary System, and around the Irish Coast.

Shipwright and restorer of "Brian Ború" Tony McLoughlin SHIP RESTORATION

The beautiful Sailing Ship is the culmination of a 3 year renovation and conversion project under the management of her owner Tony Mcloughlin, a professional Master Shipwright. The classic lines of her sailing hull echo the historic sailing drifters of the early twentieth century, as she carries her raked wooden mainmast, mizenmast, bowsprit, topmasts and lower aspect deckhouse. She carries a full complement of gaff ketch rigged sails, and also boasts a powerful marine diesel engine. The vessel is now a perfect example of Upcycling, Recycling, Re-use and Sustainability.


Chairman Seamus McLoughlin and CEO Michael Byrne of Sail Training Ireland with Tony McLoughlin, John Stubbs and Grace O'Sullivan of Traditional Sail Experience "Brian BorúIn the May-October season the cruises will run daily peaking at 4 cruises a day with  special morning and evening cruises incorporating breakfast and evening barbeques. In the November to April season the cruises will focus on school cruises, universities, whale  watch enthusiasts and sail training.

 In addition to the berth at Cheekpoint, Waterford City and County Council have granted the vessel a mooring on the Marina Wharf opposite the iconic Reginalds Viking Tower. When the sails are set, the Brian Boru will strike a sight worthy of the historical quarter of Waterford’s Viking Triangle. The vessel carries 12 passengers and 2/3 full time crew.

Brian Ború teamTo sail on the Brian Boru is to experience something unique in the special area of conservation of the Waterford Estuary, and along the coast of Celtic Ireland.

The Operators

Taditional Boat Charters Limited is owned and operated by Tony McLoughlin. Call us now to plan an exciting voyage.

Telephone:+ 353 (0) 89 209 8563
Departure Point: Waterford City Marina. Adjacent to Reginald’s Tower