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Fex LogoFumbally Exchange Waterford is a co working space located at Brick Lane, Great Friars, in the heart of the Viking Triangle. Its members are passionate about the city and it’s potential.

FEx has a four-point mandate: Urban Regeneration, Community Consolidation, Innovation in Enterprise and Creative Collaboration and facilitates professionals in restructuring or starting small business.

The members in Waterford are involved in a wide range of creative and innovative type enterprises including Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Environmental Services, Food Technology, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Social Media and many other creative and innovative professions.

We currently have full time and part time desk rental available in a fun, productive co working community, in a bright space at the heart of the Viking Triangle.

For more info contact:

fexwaterford@gmail.com or ltraynor@waterfordvikingtriangle.ie




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