FEx logoThe first branch of Fumbally Exchange outside Dublin opened in The Viking Triangle, Waterford in late August 2013.

Fumbally Exchange is a collaborative cluster which offers low-cost, low-risk business incubation space for design focused creative professionals who may be start ups, sole traders or small business.

Founded in May 2010 by architect George Boyle in the Heart of the Liberties in Dublin, it has become a collaborative centre of tenacity, solidarity and reinvention. The aim of Fumbally Exchange is to Make Work Together – finding, sharing and creating opportunities for tangible, sustainable employment. This business model has an embedded ethos of recovery and regeneration, an organisation expanding rapidly across creative communities of Ireland. FEx is a vibrant, dynamic movement of enterprising and intelligent, self-starting and self-sustaining entrepreneurs, sole traders and creative founders.

Fumbally Exchange has a four-point mandate: Urban Regeneration, Community Consolidation, Innovation in Enterprise and Creative Collaboration and facilitates recession-impacted creative professionals in restructuring or starting a small business.

Entrepreneurs, creative professionals and start-ups can rent a fully-serviced desk in shared office space at Fumbally Exchange The Viking Triangle Waterford. The existing members in the Dublin office are wide and varied and include professionals in Architecture ; Energy; Graphic Design; Planning and Urban Design; Digital Media; Engineering; Interior Design; Photography and Video; Marketing and Business Consulting.

The space in Waterford contains 15 individual work stations, a kitchen area and a fully furnished executive boardroom facility with stunning views overlooking the River Suir and the Quays. Desks are available to rent at very reasonable rates on a monthly basis with flexible lease arrangements.

fb-transparentAddress : Bricklane, Viking Triangle, Waterford.
Web :  www.fumballyexchange.com
Email : fexwaterford@gmail.com