The Viking Trust Company was established in conjunction with Waterford City Council, to lead and manage this exciting urban regeneration project. The Viking Trust is a limited company with a voluntary board of private sector directors and a chief executive.

Our vision

“That the Viking Triangle will become the cultural and heritage quarter of Waterford city, offering a vibrant, authentic and distinctive experience for visitors, businesses and the community and to be the catalyst for the future regeneration of Waterford as a memorable visitor destination.”

Our Objectives:

•   To engage with all stakeholders within the Viking Triangle with a view to best promoting the cultural, commercial, retail, residential and visitor experience on offer; identifying and promoting a strongly branded cohesive identity for the Viking Triangle which sits well within the wider Waterford place brand and marketing strategy.

•   To engage with owners of buildings within the Viking Triangle, and to accept, on an agency basis, management and controlled use of those buildings to include procuring tenants or licensees for occupation of space within those buildings.

•  To actively promote and facilitate the regeneration and refurbishment of buildings.

•  To facilitate the creation of work-spaces, craft shops and other mixed retail and cultural activities.

•  To identify and promote spatial improvements within the area including the creation of high quality public space and pocket parks.

•  To identify and to promote an appropriate range and mix of cultural and commercial events and activities within the Viking Triangle.

•  To enter into arrangements with Waterford City Council and other authorities / bodies which are conducive to the realisation of the VT’s objects including funding, rights, privileges and concessions which the VT may find it desirable to obtain, and to carry out and exercise and comply with any such arrangements.

•  To act as Trustee for or to acquire ownership of any property, real or personal, for any of the above main objects of the VT or for any other purpose that may seem conducive to the main objects of the VT.

Contact information

If you have an interest in or ideas for helping this exciting vision for Waterford, please contact the Viking Triangle Trust to discuss. e: