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Date(s) - 01/05/2015
8:00 pm-11:30 pm

Red Kettle Central Hall


Fred-Alice-imageFred and Alice are perfect; they are what the other lacks. Fred’s creative passion for music is matched with Alice’s formulaic flare for numbers. Fred views the world with a spotlight, Alice with a floodlight. Fred’s Chuck Taylor’s are Alice’s Doc Marten’s. Fred burns down the kitchen, Alice drowns her cat. Fred and Alice are two kindred souls with a beautiful innocence and enthusiasm for life. With the support of one another, we see the characters rise above the stigmas of mental disability and emerge from the pitfalls of despair, hand in hand and headlining Wembley.

Ciaran Bermingham is adorable as Fred, a heart wrenching bundle of tenderness with heaps of heart while Alice is played enchantingly with the semblance of a revolving fairy by Cora Fenton. The eloquence and fluency of both actors is remarkable as they compete with an array of tongue twisters and teasers enjoyed so fervently by the extraordinary minds of Fred and Alice. €10