Waterford Viking Triangle is Waterford’s Cultural and Heritage quarter. A tranquil place, characterised by narrow streets, atmospheric public spaces and an array of cultural & heritage attractions.

Surround yourself with exceptional Viking history in the very place where a large fleet of the invaders landed in 914.

Far from being just rampaging warriors, the Vikings also brought some benefits to these lands and in Waterford Viking Triangle, you’ll hear tales of battles, strategic marriages and the stunning landscape that greeted these invaders as they ‘took’ Waterford.

Visit the exciting museums and experience the King of the Vikings award-winning Virtual Reality experience, view the world’s largest wooden sculpture, the Viking Sword, see the Viking longboat or simply stroll through the streets taking in the stunning architecture.

Click on the banners to view an interactive map or an interactive tour of the attractions, accommodation, food & drink and entertainment available in Waterford Viking Triangle.

Waterford Viking Triangle Map

Waterford Viking Triangle Interactive tour