Button & Button & CoCo is a luxurious collection of jewellery based on a nostalgic theme, handmade in The Viking Triangle.

Button & Co is focused on celebrating memories of times past and creating new memories for the future.

Their signature collection was inspired by the designers Mother’s button tin and the buttons she collected throughout the years. As a little girl, her mother made the most beautiful dresses for all of the family members and as a child, the designer would choose her favourite buttons for her dress. Buttons were collected from outgrown garments and saved in her mothers precious button tin to be reinvented at a later date.

Following graduation as a Goldsmith from the Crafts Council of Ireland, the search for inspiration for a collection began. One day while sharing a cup of tea with her mother all the memories associated with the precious button collection in the tin came flooding back. This is where the inspiration for the Memory Bracelet began.It is a collectible charm bracelet which celebrates all the special moments in your life.

The Signature collection features a button needle and thread and many other collectible button charms, creating a truly unique piece of jewellery. Button & Co use sterling silver, 9ct gold, sapphires and diamonds. Button & Co is renowned for quality handmade jewellery. All of the jewellery is handmade in the workshop in Waterford, Ireland. Jewellery is very personal and there is a fundamental understanding of how it’s treasured so we make it to last! We endeavour to offer a great customisation service and we always stand by our jewellery.

How the business started is a little different to most. As there were no resources to get the designs into reality, Elaine Sarah the founder director and goldsmith took part in the reality television programme Dragons Den with an idea, passion and the drive to make it happen and came away with an investment and a chance to show the world her wonderful pieces.

Address : Kite Design Studio, 11 Henrietta Street, Waterford
Website : www.buttonandco.com
Telephone : +353 51 396663
Email :  elainesarah@buttonandco.com