Speciality RetailAnne McDonnell studied Fine Art printmaking in Limerick School of Art & Design, Ireland. Her work is sensory and organic, her work on each plate with her hands, slicing, drizzling each one with bitumen to create images with  veiled depths. Through her printwork, she explores the metamorphosis of nature, capturing its transient beauty with copper and ink. Anne’s signature use of black and white gives each piece a dramatic feel but also hints at a darker edge of languorous decay.

Recent Exhibitions

Metal & Ink CollectionA recent exhibition ‘Metal & Ink’, is an artistic fusion of fine art printmaking and jewellery design, a result of a creative passion and collaboration between Stradbally Jewellery and Anne Mc Donnell Fine Art Printmaker. Using Traditional printmaking techniques, the printmaker etches designs onto pieces of silver. This is then inked, printed and framed. Rather than destroy the silver printing plate which is the norm at the end of a print edition, the jewellery designer, using silversmithing skills, creates a unique piece of jewellery .

Printmaking WorkshopsTo purchase any of these pieces please go to Contact us page and let us know which pieces you are interested in. All pieces are unique  handmade and original.

Workshops in fine art printmaking are also available at various times throughout the year. For details:
Website : www.annemcdonnellfineartprintmaker.com
Telephone : +353 86 8210434
Email :  fineartprintmaker@gmail.com