LUTSIALUTSIA is an independent fashion label with modern, sophisticated appeal.

Lucia’s creations enhance the female figure in all its forms and believes that a woman should feel empowered by the clothes she wears. Lucia Domoradova is a second generation seamstress.

From an early age, Lucia was surrounded by fabrics, textures and skilled dressmakers. As a result, working with stitches and patterns comes naturally to her. She decided to pursue this passion and study fashion design full time under the mentorship of a renowned Irish fashion designer. Under this mentorship, Lucia refined her talent and learned new skills.

Due to an increased demand for her work, Lucia was encouraged to establish her own label. She has produced successful collections and staged unforgettable fashion shows. Through her fashion accessories, her label is gaining international recognition and acclaim.

Address : Kite Design Studio, 11 Henrietta Street, Waterford
Website : www.lutsia.iefb-transparent
Telephone :
 +353 85 8291196
Email :