Sharon Fleming Ceramics Sharon is a Waterford based Ceramic Artist. Clay has always been ‘in her blood’ as it was her family’s business. However, she first studied and worked in Computing and Architecture before attending the renowned Grennan Mill crafts school in Thomastown. There she rediscovered her passion for this wonderful material.

I love working with clay – the immediacy of it, the ability to mark and manipulate it with bare hands.  For me, it is unrivalled as an artistic medium. It is literally the ‘stuff of the earth’, naturally beautiful in itself, allowing multi-dimensional expression limited only by the artists imagination’.

Using mainly porcelain, Sharon’s work is heavily influenced by the strong forms and geometric lines found in cityscapes as well as being inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and the everyday. She often combines Japanese wood block carving with her chosen art form.

Her work is characterised by simple forms imprinted with her delicate images and markings.  In Sharon Fleming Ceramics, she uses her own glazes and glass fragments as decoration.

Apart from her retail range, Sharon also undertakes private commissions and occasionally runs workshops. 

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