The School of Irish Archaeology (SIA) is proud to introduce their finest product ‘The Big Dig’. This unique, one of a kind design is a practical, hands-on and fun event which is only found here in Ireland.

Their replica ‘Viking House’ and workshop excavation is designed for children aged 5-12 years and allows them to explore the Viking world through a simulated and controlled archaeological dig. ‘The Big Dig’ incorporates the dig experience with educational, engaging and interactive activities throughout the day.
The excavation offers children an opportunity to experience what it is like to be an archaeologist by learning how to excavate the remains of a Viking house. During their dig for Viking treasures and artefacts, they also learn about the lifestyles of their Viking ancestors, guided by our team of professional working archaeologists. Our engaged and knowledgeable staff will demonstrate and explain how the objects uncovered during the dig were used in day-to-day life during the Viking era.
We ensure this educational and one of a kind experience won’t leave children disappointed. In fact, we guarantee they will leave wanting to know even more about our ancient ancestors and the work of archaeologists!

When → 1st & 2nd of June (12md – 5pm)

Where → Cathedral Square


You can book online now on this links:

June 1st – Saturday – 12md to 5pm

June 2nd – Sunday – 12mp to 5pm