Fadó ProductionsFadó Productions is social enterprise based in Waterford City. Fadó  aims to keep the story of Waterford alive, visible and tangible through walking tours and live events.  “Our mission is to preserve memories of Waterford’s past events, people and traditions, interpret them and bring them to life in an interactive, fun and educational way.”

The Fadó Productions team is passionate about history and heritage and the many ways in which they can animate our rich and diverse past.  Their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment to authenticity have ensured their place at the cutting edge of heritage tourism in Ireland.

Fadó are regular contributors to Waterford festivals. Over the past three years they have been involved in the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Harvest Food Festival and most recently, Winterval Christmas Festival. Along with partaking in these festivals, they are also involved in educational schools walking tours of Waterford programme. Fadó aim to continue to grow their business in difficult economic times.

This year we are proud to be associated with composer Eric Sweeney and poet Mark Roper as Fadó Productions facilitates the collaborative schools programme Viking Voices kindly supported by Waterford City Council. Fadó were also involved in the recreation of Aoife and Strongbow’s marriage.

Address : 7 Greyfriars, Waterford.
Wesite : www.fadowaterford.iefb-transparent
Telephone :
+353 86 2600712
Email : info@fadowaterford.ie