The Viking Triangle is one of the oldest and most significant urban quarters in the country, containing a
series of very important public spaces within it. The quality of the public buildings and historical monuments
gives it a strong identity, which is further enhanced by the intact streetscapes and the topography. When
these qualities are combined with The Viking Triangle’s history, they bestow an architectural, cultural and
civic importance unparalleled in this part of the country. In approaching the landscaping design the
approach has been to recognize the inherent qualities of these spaces and to be sensitive to the historical
and cultural context. The aspiration is to create an open and sustainable public realm using high-quality
materials in a simple and straightforward way.
The overall approach is to repave the streets in granite and to make the surrounds of the Cathedral in Irish
blue limestone, with large inset areas of Ballylusk gravel.
There are four principal public spaces within the Triangle. The first is at Reginald’s Tower, where the
demolition of the 1960s office building will make a new entrance space for the area. The existing granite
treatment around the Tower will be extended to make space for the Viking Longboat during the summer
Moving up Bailey’s New Street, the next space is Friary Square where the removal of the parking and
railings will enable the making of a generous area for street activities and events. The proposal is to pave
this area in large granite slabs, making a light-coloured surface against the walls of the Friary. Two benches
are proposed and otherwise the space will be clutter-free.
Cathedral Square forms the centre-piece of the Triangle and the intention here is to restore the prominence
of the Cathedral and the Deanery. To this end the proposal is to remove the trees from along the Cathedral
façade and make a line of benches along the northern edge. This will have the effect of giving a degree of
protection to the buildings on the northern side and allowing activities to happen in the Square without
having a detrimental effect on these businesses and residences. We are proposing to make a new kerbline
that will help to reduce the slope across the space and make it more usable for public events. A new
limestone platform will be made to the Deanery frontage with a terrace, steps and access ramp.
Company Reg. No. 304559 VAT Reg. No. IE 6324559P Grace Keeley BArch BScArch MRIAI Michael Pike BArch BScArch MRIAI
Bishop’s Palace Square is of particular importance as a gateway to the Viking Triangle from The Mall. The
proposal is to make a new limestone terrace at the eastern end of the Bishop’s Palace that can act as an
animated space to attract visitors across the street from Waterford Crystal. This space would be raised to
the level of the Bishop’s Palace and would have public seating as well as terrace space for the Museum
Café. A brightly coloured awning is also proposed that could cover part of this space during the summer
months, again helping to generate activity by making a pleasant and lively place to sit or stage an event.
The intention is to use the highest quality materials and street fittings in order to make a series of spaces
that reflect the civic and historical importance of the area. The ultimate aim is to restore The Viking Triangle
as one of the finest and most significant urban quarters in the country.

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