Downes LogoEstablished in 1797, and known locally simply as “Downses”, the business has remained in the same family for six generations.This unusual pub is one of the few remaining houses to bottle its own whiskey. Henry Downes is a well known Irish whiskey blender who began his trade as a thriving spirit merchant in Waterford City. The company blends 10 separate whiskeys to create quality whiskey made in small batches. “No.9″ has become the most popular blend.

Even though the day of the spirit merchant is long gone, the business remains as a family run bar and continue to bottle their own brand of Irish whiskey on their premises maintaining the 215 year family tradition

Henry Downes pub is a large, dark and cavernous pub with a squash court on the premises as well as the more predictable billiards and snooker table. It consists of a series of bars of differing character, each with its own particular following. It achieves with natural grace what so-called Irish theme pubs would dearly love to capture, with friendly, humorous bar staff who enjoy filling customers in on the pub’s proud history and will gladly sell you a bottle of No.9 to take away.

Although Henry Downes is not the easiest of places to find, once visited it certainly will not be forgotten.

fb-transparentAddress : 10 Thomas Street, Waterford.
Telephone : +353 51 874118
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