Acro Studios is a work space and exhibiting area for nine practising Waterford based contemporary artists. The studio is located in the very heart of the Viking triangle on Baileys New Street.  Acro members came together in May 2013 as an artist’s collective with a shared desire to reinvigorate the contemporary art scene in Waterford City.

Each of the nine members works in a variety of mediums including video, live performance, sculpture, painting, theatre and installation.

Acro Studios is an approachable and inviting studio to the interested public, allowing them insight into the active working processes of our artists as well as offering a view of the artists completed works in the permanent exhibition space. Acro Studios aims to become a place of open dialogue between artist and viewer.

Acro Studios officially opened their doors to the public on the 14th of November 2013 with an exciting exhibition of work created by the members.

Meet the Artists

Acro StudiosChristopher Phelan, Visual Artist
Based in Waterford, Christopher’s work is based on consumerism and pop culture and in many cases the darker side of modern life. In his work, he aims to engage people and seek reaction or interaction whether it be amusing caricatures, upsetting pop art based imagery or installation work.


Aaron Kirk, Stencil / Street Artist
Aaron Kirk is a local Waterford based artist. He is a stencil/street artist working within the studio environment. Aaron is currently a member of Acro Studios, Aarons work deals with different aspects of the culture and society in which we live. He uses stencils and spray paint as the main mediums within his work and also uses mixed media.

Sandra KellySandra Kelly
Sandra Kelly’s work deals mainly with the idea of home.

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to” John Ed Pearce.



Magdalena Karol‏Magdalena Karol‏
Through the analysis of performance art, Magdalena’s projects will research the lack of mental balance. The work will raise awareness of the importance of the connection within ourselves. This is a valid area of study for awareness: the absence of the important connection between mind and body in society and culture today.



GARY_KENNEALLYGary Kenneally is an independent filmmaker working in the fields of documentary and fiction, through the media of both live-action cinema and animation. As of 2013, he has directed and produced six feature films with his company Kenneally Films, as well as several short films. Recent success has included his feature film “Let The People Sing” (a biographical documentary on the lives and careers of controversial Irish folk group The Wolfe Tones) having its world premiere at the Los Angeles Irish Film Festival in 2012, headlining the opening ceremony of the event at the prestigious Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, West Hollywood.

His animated short “The Cineplex” which details the chaotic events of the final days of Waterford Cineplex in Patrick Street has become an online viral sensation, resulting in tens of thousands of views on Youtube and a double outdoor screening in Waterford and Cork during Culture Night in 2012. Other screenings this year include “The Shaken” at REVOLT Cinema, official selection during the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Australia. At present, his main projects are “The Revenge Of Shinobi” (live-action fiction) and “Waking Tiger” (six-part animated series) which are both currently in production. As part of Acro, Gary Kenneally develops and exhibits experimental material outside of the main Kenneally Films brand.

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Aoife1Aoife Nolan
Aoife’s work explores processes within the human condition; how one decides to do, and how one reflects on what has been done. Sculpture communicates these themes most effectively, as each piece is a permanent materialisation of a thought process finally executed. Additionally, these deal with the human desperation to create an eternal, lasting mark on the physical environment

Rosemarie WalshRosemarie Walsh
As a recent graduate from Waterford Institute of Technology, BA in Visual Art, my work presently is concerned with materiality and aesthetics.  Working predominantly with porcelain, lead and oxides, I have also been known to add narrative to create a visual understanding of the work. I am presently undertaking a Master’s Degree at the National College of Art and Design in Sculpture.

Ruth FlynnRuth Flynn is a visual artist working primarily in live performance. Her current work examines the neurological concept of synaesthesia;  a condition wherein one type of sensory stimulation evokes the sensation of another. Her performances aim to produce a multi-sensory experience for both the viewer and the artist incorporating aesthetic elements such as sound, light and movement. Ruth has performed live both internationally and nationally.

Adrian McGrath1

Adrian McGrath
Through selecting materials according to their associative abilities Adrian Mc Grath attempts, through all his works, to comprehend the most prominent psychological queries and difficulties that arise in everyday life. His chosen materials and objects appear in their final form as some effort at communicating ways of appeasing mental states of discomfort.

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