Irish Handmade Glass CompanyWaterford, Ireland’s oldest city, has been associated with highest quality crystal production for centuries. When the world famous crystal manufacturing plant in Waterford closed and production moved abroad, a city was left devastated.  A collective of master craftsmen decided that the skills honed over 140 years could not be wasted.

A new, modern, enthusiastic and fresh company called The Irish Handmade Glass Company was born.

Producing the highest quality crystal at a facility on Henrietta Street, Waterford, you are invited to witness the amazing skills of our master craftsmen as they transform molten crystal into works of art before your eyes.

Rarely are moulds used at The Irish Handmade Glass Company, making each product truly unique. You will also be amazed at how affordable Irish Crystal can actually be.  All our products are 100% mouth blown and hand cut on site and we are proud to display the ‘Guaranteed Irish’ logo on our packaging.

Address : Kite Design Studio, 11 Henrietta Street, Waterord
Website :
Telephone : +353 51 858914
Email :

Meet the Masters:

RichieRichard Rowe, Master Glass maker: Richard has been blowing glass for 45 years and many of his pieces can be seen in stately homes throughout the world. During his 42 years at Waterford he has worked with many leading names in the Glass art world.



DannyDanny Murphy, Master Glass maker:  Danny, a Master Wedge cutter, completed his apprenticeship at Waterford in 1982 and spent the next 27 years working on many different projects. Danny is responsible for all the cutting design patterns in the Company.



TonyTony Hayes, Master Glassmaker: Tony began glassblowing in 1986 in Waterford Crystal. He spent many years as a ‘Stemware’ blower, retrained as a ‘heavy’ blower and then he himself became an instructor.




Derek Smith, Master Glass Maker: Derek began his apprenticeship in 1977 and during his 32 years at Waterford he specialised in blowing trophies for World Sports competitions. In 1995 Derek became an instructor  in the glassblowing department.




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